EU Beef Market

The European Union (EU) Beef Market for accredited Hereford producers reaps rewards.

Herefords are ideally suited to both the pasture and grainfed components of the European Union beef market and compete on an even footing with the other British breeds for price and access to this premium market.

EU Accreditation Scheme = $$$$$

The quick and easy guide:

It’s easier than you think!  If your cattle are free from Hormonal Growth Promotants (HGP) and your property is reconciled with NLIS database, then you’re halfway there.

Step 1
Contact the EUCAS helpline 1800 305 544 regarding any questions you might have, or to obtain an application form and a copy of the regulations or access at

EU Rules and Application

Step 2
Complete and return application form with appropriate attachments
The information is then verified against State/Territory records.  Any divergence is required to be rectified.
A check is conducted to verify whether any HGPs have been purchased for farm use within 2 years of application.

Step 3
When all checks are completed and correct, the application may be approved.

Step 4

When application approved, the required details must be uploaded to the NLIS database in accordance with the relevant NLIS protocol.

Step 5
A certificate of accreditation and an accreditation letter is sent to the newly accredited manager

Step 6
Requests/enquiries for European Union Vendor Declarations (EUVDs) be directed to Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)

The EUCAS Helpline – 1800 305 544 will also be able to advise you on a strategy for carrying & trading both EU & non EU accredited cattle on your designated property.

Frequently asked questions (click to view)

More information regarding Herefords’ suitability for the EU Market (click to view)