May 13th & 14th, 2020

Entries for the 2020 Wodonga National Show and Sale are now open. Entries close at 4pm (AEDT) February 28 2020

CLICK HERE for online entry form.

CLICK HERE to download entry form and conditions of entry.

Entry forms with entry fees to be mailed to:
Herefords Australia, Locked Bag 7, Armidale NSW 2350
Emailed to info@herefordsaustralia.com.au or faxed with credit card details to (02) 6772 1615

Important information for 2020 Show and Sale:

1. Show and Sale Coordinator
We are pleased to announce that Jamie-Lee Oldfield has been appointed Wodonga Coordinator. Jamie-Lee can be contacted on 0429 933 926 or wodongaherefords@gmail.com We look forward to working with Jamie.
The management committee would once again like to thank Katelin Davies for the work that she has put in as coordinator over the last two years.

2. Genetic test results must be complete at CLOSE OF ENTRY
No exceptions will be made, entries with pending results or not tested will be refused. These requirements include the following:
• Genomic profile (minimum of a Low Density SNP)
• Sire Verification
• Free of all known genetic conditions
Should you have any questions regarding DNA testing, please contact the HAL office directly.

3. Judge to use EBVs in showring
Following on from the 2019 event, all judges moving forward will be required to use EBVs in the showring. The committee will work with the judge to ensure that this is done in the most time efficient manner possible. It is the position of the Committee that the judge will select (pull forward) bulls based on phenotype/confirmation. The judge will then be supplied with the EBVs on these bulls for use in final placings.

4. Age of Bulls eligible for entry
Bulls entered into the 2020 event must be born between 1 January 2018 and 30 April 2019 (inclusive). Bulls born prior to 1 January 2018 are not eligible for entry into the event.
Like wise in 2021, bulls must be born between 1 January 2019 and 30 April 2020 (inclusive). This pattern will continue into the future.

5. Top of the Drop will be merged with Junior division
In 2020 there will no longer be a ‘Top of the Drop’ division. These bulls (born from 1 January 2019 – 30 April 2019) are still eligible for entry but will be part of the junior division. These bulls are not required to have scan or scrotal data submitted but are required to be semen tested, have a vendor fertility guarantee, and reportable EBVs for all traits

6. Scurred Bulls
Polled bulls will be inspected for scurs at inspections. Vendors of any bulls that are found to have scurs at inspection that are not recorded as having scurs on the Herefords Australia database will be fined $150 per incident by the management committee.

7. Re-Entering of unsold Bulls
A bull can only be entered once, including young junior bulls (born in 2019). Any bull entered in 2020 and not sold cannot be entered again in the future.

8. Dinner Function to continue
After its success in 2019, vendors and guests are invited to a dinner function at the Huon Hill restaurant in Wodonga where award presentations and a Youth Auction will take place. Tickets will be available for sale on the entry form. Tickets are limited and will be sold on a first come first serve basis.


The Herefords Australia National Show & Sale (Wodonga) Show & Sale Management Committee has provided the following information to assist vendors and patrons prepare for the 2020 event.

1st OctoberSubmit DNA samples to Herefords Australia for testing ASAP
All bulls must have a minimum of a low density genotype, be sire verified, and tested clear of all known genetic conditions. Full DNA testing results MUST BE AVALIABLE at the close of entries or entries will not be accepted.
10th NovemberEntries Open
3rd FebruaryAll bulls must be scanned for EMA, IMF, rib fat depth, and rump fat depth, and have a scrotal measurement. These raw measurements must be submitted to BreedPlan by 3rd February 2019 for inclusion in the February BreedPlan run. Bulls without the above observed traits included in the February 2019 run will not be accepted for entry.
28th FebruaryEntries close
Class sponsorships deadline
24th AprilSemen evaluation test results must be submitted to Duty Agent (Nutrien Livestock)
A crush-side semen evaluation test (semen density, wave motion and motility) is to be carried out by a qualified vet or licensed AI technician within 70 days prior to the sale. A semen test report form will be sent to vendors after close of entries. Semen morphology examination may be carried out at the discretion of the vendor.

National Health Declaration must be submitted to Duty Agent (Nutrien Livestock)

Pestivirus certification of testing and non-PI status must be submitted to Duty Agent (Nutrien Livestock)
All entries will be required to be tested for Pestivirus and certified non-PI (Persistently Infected). Certification of testing and proof of non-PI status will be required.
12th MayInspections commence at 8:00am

Withdrawals must be submitted to Duty Agent (Nutrien Livestock) no later than 9:30am
13th MayJudging

Dinner Function - Huon Hill Restaurant, Wodonga
14th May Sale
15th MayAll bulls must be removed from complex by 11:00am