May 16th & 17th, 2018

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The Herefords Australia National Show & Sale (Wodonga) Show & Sale Management Committee has provided the following information to assist vendors and patrons prepare for the 2018 event.

10th NovemberEntries open
1st DecemberAt the November Board meeting of Herefords Australia, a ruling was made that all entries of the 2018 Show and Sale adhere to the following requirements:
• All bulls must be sire verified
• All bulls must free of any known genetic conditions
All entries must have a minimum of a 'Hereford Standard Bundle', which for $60 includes a Low Density Geneseek (50k), Sire Verification, HY, DL, IE, MSUD testing. If the animal is Polled, while not required, it is recommended to get the 'Hereford Horn/Poll Bundle', which for $70 includes all of the above including a Horn/Poll test.
All DNA samples must be received by the Herefords Australia office prior to the close of entry – 4pm 16th February 2018.
It is important to note that sires may require to be upgraded from Microsatelitte to a SNP. Contact Hannah Bourke at Herefords Australia to determine if your sires will require any upgrading prior to sire verification of your entries.
3rd FebruaryBREEDPLAN cutoff.
All bulls are required to have current reportable EBVs (February 2018 analysis) for birth weight, 200, 400 & 600 day weights, fat depth (rib & rump), eye muscle area & intra muscular fat and must have scrotum measurement submitted to BREEDPLAN by 3 February 2018.
16th FebruaryEntries close
All DNA samples must be received by the Herefords Australia office or entries will be denied
Class sponsorships deadline
27th AprilSemen evaluation test results must be submitted to Duty Agent (Landmark)
A crush-side semen evaluation test (semen density, wave motion and motility) is to be carried out by a qualified vet or licensed AI technician within 70 days prior to the sale. A semen test report form will be sent to vendors after close of entries. Semen morphology examination may be carried out at the discretion of the vendor.

National Health Declaration must be submitted to Duty Agent (Landmark)

Pestivirus certification of testing and non-PI status must be submitted to Duty Agent (Landmark)
All entries will be required to be tested for Pestivirus and certified non-PI (Persistently Infected). Certification of testing and proof of non-PI status will be required.
15th MayInspections commence at 8:00am

Withdrawals must be submitted to Duty Agent (Landmark) no later than 9:30am
16th MayJudging

Cocktail Party – Youth Auction
17th May Sale
18th MayAll bulls must be removed from complex by 11:00am

For further information about the National Show & Sale (Wodonga) contact the event coordinator, Katelin Davies on 0459 233 422 or email kdavies@www.herefordsaustralia.com.au