Welcome to this phase of the Super Sires Program. This program was launched in 2018 when the Herefords Australia Board developed an initiative to help members improve the breed using a young sire candidate that expressed a balance of favourable traits at the highest level.

Six years the program continues to grow with semen from more sires available across a wider range of studs. More than ever the breed has an opportunity to reposition its status in the Australian beef sector and by assisting the industry in identifying a greater pool of young candidate sires to choose from, we can accelerate the progress that is needed.
The object of this program is to:
• Increase demand for Hereford and Hereford influenced cattle by promoting industry relevant genetics.
• Increase the utilisation of Hereford genetics across the Australian beef industry.
• Expand the footprint of Hereford genetics into regions (northern Australia) and/or sectors (like dairy).
• Increase Meat Standards Australia (MSA) performance through improvement in marbling and ossification.
• Assist in producing a highly efficient maternal beef herd.
• Being involved in a Herefords Australia initiative that is indirectly creating greater awareness in the merits of objective based selection.
• Create opportunity to further increase linkage within the Hereford reference population.
• Create opportunity to increase EBV accuracy by capturing more phenotypes, particularly those hard to measure traits such as net feed intake, abattoir carcase and female reproduction.



The Super Sires Program is available to members of Herefords Australia. Semen is available by contacting the breeder and/or current owner of the bulls included in the Super Sires listing on the Herefords Australia website.

Super Sires Online Catalogue

The graphs below illustrate the genetic merit across the EBV and $Index spectrum of the current Super Sires verses the breed average of calves born in 2022.

The initial bull selection criteria is based on age, registration status, aspirational breeding values/indexes and phenotypic and genomic observations as set by Herefords Australia (subject to review).
The submission process is breeder-determined, and it is their responsibility to nominate from the candidature list. The breeder must be a financial member of Herefords Australia.

Key Steps

Step 1 – Initial bull selection list is created using the November or May BREEDPLAN results
Step 2 – Nomination letter is sent out to the breeders of bull(s) in the selection list by Dec 1st and, Jun 1st each year.
Step 3 – Nominations (via online) must be submitted within 21 days of receipt of the letter. ONLY one (1) nomination per breeder per round. Max. two (2) bulls entered by breeder each calendar year.
Step 4 – If the nomination has met all requirements and, a signed declaration by the breeder that the bull information as recorded on the Herefords Australia database, is true and correct then the nomination will be approved.
Step 5 – All approved nominations will be uniquely identified in the Herefords Australia database and a Super Sires catalogue will be published and made available online via the Herefords Australia website within one (1) calendar month of the nomination closure date. (See link below.)
Step 6 – Further promotion or price setting for semen sales for any approved Super Sire is the sole responsibility of the breeder and/or designated AI semen reseller.

Selection Criteria

Animal Details

  • Animal is Active
  • Animal is Male
  • Registration Status: HBR
  • Age range – Four (4) consecutive Calving Years: (eg  Round 1>= 2016 & <= 2019) with rollover in June each year
  • Sire Verification (SV)
  • LD (low density) genotype analysed
  • Recessive Condition status – HY Status: HYF or HYFU, DL Status: DLF or DLFU, IE Status: IEF or IEFU, MSUD Status: MSUDF or MSUDFU


  • Observed post-birth weight performance (200day and/or 400day and/or 600day (min. 2 traits)
  • Observed Scrotal Measurement
  • Observed Ultrasound Scan data (Fats, EMA, IMF%)
  • TOP 25% Calving Ease DIR (%), Calving Ease DIR (%) Acc. > 35,
  • TOP 25% 400 Day Wt (kg), 400 Day Wt (kg) Acc. > 60,
  • => Breed AVG. Scrotal Size (cm), Scrotal Size (cm) Acc. > 60,
  • TOP 25% Eye Muscle Area (sq cm), Eye Muscle Area (sq cm) Acc. > 40,
  • TOP 5% IMF (%), IMF (%) Accuracy > 45,
  • TOP 5% $Index

NOTE: BREEDPLAN metrics will be obtained from the latest Percentile Tables published at each respective nomination round (subject to review and change)

Entry Fee

Any bull entered in the Super Sires program will attract a nomination fee of $1,000 (GST incl.)
Nominations are limited to those bulls bred in Australia.


If you have any questions in relation to the nomination process or the Super Sires in general please contact Herefords Australia on (02) 6772 1399 or email: info@herefordsaustralia.com.au