Herefords Australia Youth offer a number of scholarship, competitions and awards.

These include the:

CM Hocking Scholarship

National Youth Expo Travel Scholarship 

Wild Bear SAJHE Scholarship

National Youth Expo Most Potential Cattle Breeder

This award will see the successful applicant receive a registered heifer donated by JTR Cattle Company, Tim and Jemma Reid. This award is designed to help a new youth member start their own stud or improve their existing stud with new genetics. Judging of the award is made up of a written component, see questions below, and how the participant conducts themselves at the 2024 National Youth Expo. An interview maybe conducted at the Expo. Please note that if you are under 18 years of age then you must have parent or guardian consent.

How to apply:
Written Component –
Please submit answers to the following questions by email to no later than the 24 June 2024
1. Describe your involvement within the Agricultural Industry.
2. What is the vision for your breeding program?
3. Where do you see the Hereford breed’s position in the current beef Industry?

National Youth Expo Photo Competition

The competition will be held at the National Youth Expo. Photos will be displayed throughout the event and the winners announced at the awards presentation.

1. Hereford cattle and Youth
2. Herefords for all climates
3. Hereford animal portrait
4. Farm Life

Conditions of entry
• Bring photos to the Expo (no need to submit photos ahead of time)
• A photo can only be entered in one class
• Photos to be presented on black cardboard
• Entries will be taken up to 5pm Wednesday 5 July 2024