Herefords Australia Limited enhances your Society membership through information transfer and increasingly active involvement in Australia’s modern beef industry.

“Beef is a critical part of the food-chain and we are working with our members to ensure Herefords increase their significance in all aspects of production and supply.”


Scientific Services provide members with tools to monitor herd advancement and development. Delivered in many formats, from hard-copy to electronic, these services are viewed as a critical component in securing the breed’s future.


Herefords Australia produce a half yearly magazine which is directly mailed to all members. It features highlights of the year from Sales and major Shows. It also features a Breeder & Business directory, news, & Industry Focus.  The publication has a distribution of 3,000 copies, across Australia and internationally.

Sales & Marketing

The Sales & Marketing team is committed to raising the profile and popularity of the Hereford breed. Regular research into the attitudes and expectations of members, and industry, forms the basis of the Society’s extensive rural-media marketing campaigns.



Breeder of registered cattle – Over 18 years of age – Receives all Society publications – 2 x Voting rights


Breeder of registered cattle – Under 25 years of age – Receives all Society publications – No requirements to own cattle, but provision to register if required – No voting rights.

A Youth Member aged over 18 years may at any time make application to be admitted as a Full Member or Commercial Member in accordance with the Constitution.

Commercial Membership

Breeder of unregistered, commercial cattle – Welcome to participate in all Society events – Receives all Society publications – 1 x Voting right

International Membership

Breeder of unregistered, commercial cattle – Receives all Society publications – No voting rights

For more information please contact the office on 02 6772 1399 or