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Why Herefords?
For Performance Cattle and Superior Beef, Herefords will make it happen every time. Whether you need bulls, steers or heifers, Herefords will give you excellent feed conversion, hardiness, fertility, growth, plus the famed Hereford temperament that can help reduce costs. So if you're not already getting the whiteface advantage, now is the time to buy Herefords. For more information, Click Here.
EU Beef
The European Union (EU) Beef Market for accredited Hereford producers reaps rewards.
Herefords are ideally suited to both the pasture and grain-fed components of the European Union beef market and compete on an even footing with the other British breeds for price and access to this premium market. For more information Click Here.
Cross Breeding
A Hereford bull over Angus cows produces the coveted Black Baldie, one of the most superior cross bred beef animals on the market. The Harris Ranch Heterosis Project documented a three-year, real-world commercial heterosis project comparing progeny from Hereford and Angus bulls when crossed on Angus-based cows. To learn more about this trial and the benefits Hereford genetics can deliver for your cross breeding system, Click Here.
Progeny Test Project
The Herefords Australia Progeny Test Project is a large scale sire progeny testing project for Hereford cattle. The Progeny Test Project is conducted by Herefords Australia with funding assistance from the Meat & Livestock Australia Donor Company under the Beef Information Nucleus (BIN) program. For more information, Click Here.
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Hereford Bulls Worth $2.1 Million Change Hands During Autumn Sales

The Hereford breed has wrapped up a bumper autumn bull selling season, defying dry conditions throughout the eastern seaboard and a national female shortag... read more »
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