Quamby Plains & Chester Bull Sale Results

Sale date: 1st May 2017 Quamby Plains sold 21 out of 25 bulls, to average $6000 and top at $10,000.Top price bull was: Quamby Plains Loyalist L667 and was purchased by Grathlyn Pastoral Company, NSW. Chester sold 21 out of 24 bulls, to average $5,300 and top at $8,500.Top price bull was: Chester Jackaroo L79…


Glendan Park Herefords 4th Annual On Property Bull Sale

Sale Date: 24/02/2017No. Offered: 33No. Sold: 32Average price: $7,048Top price: $16,000Name of Top Price Animal: Glendan Park Lancefield L037 (P)Sire of Top Price Animal: NJW Hometown 10YPurchaser of Top Price Animal: Llandillo Beef, Bathurst NSWSale Comments: We would like to thank all buyers, underbidders, agents and supporters of our 4th Annual Bull Sale. It was…


Glenellerslie Bull Sale

Sale date: 14/2/17 Offered: 33 Sold: 27 Avg price: $4,741 Top price: $10,000 Glenellerslie Paymaster 2 (H) Purchaser: Gordon & Sally Moon, Wulgulmerang Sire of top price animal: Warwick Court Electric Comments: Another extremely successful sale with 10 new buyers registering and 8 of those purchasing bulls. The average was up from $4,486 last year…


Kerlson Pines & Oak Downs 6th Annual Bull Sale

Sale date 22/2/17No offered: 50No sold: 47Avg price: $7,830Top price: $18,000Top price animal: Oak Downs Lawloit L75Sire of top price animal: Harvie High Roller 66xPurchaser of top price animal: Mawarra Herefords & Talbalba HerefordsComments: Large crowd appreciated new selling complex at Kerlson Pines with new video sale format. Excellent clearance with sale average up $1,800…


Kirraweena Glenholme Annual On Property Sale

Sale date: 15/3/17No offered: 23 Bulls; 23 Unjoined HeifersNo sold: 17 Bulls; 23 Unjoined HeifersAvg price: $4,455 (Bulls); $1,523 (Heifers)Top price: $7,000Name top price animal: Glenholme Lawrence AISire of Top price animal: Kirraweena Godfrey AIPurchaser of Top Price animal: D GriggsComments: Good sale with many new and repeat buyers. Particularly strong market for the Horned…


14th Newcomen On Property Bull Sale

Sale date: 22/3/17No offered: 54No sold: 50Avg price: $5,400Top price: $12,000 twiceName top price animals: Newcomen Laminex HPR AI H / Newcomen La Grande HPR AI PSire of top price animals: Sugarloaf Houston H146 / Russlynn Flare PPurchaser of top price: EO & DI Newcomen / J & S GrayComments: Satisfactory result in an oversupplied…


Stanford Bull Sale

Sale date 24/3Offered: 48Sold: 16Avg Price: $4,830Top price animal : $6,750 Stanford Larry L185Sire of Top price animal: Stanford Eros E70Purchaser: B James Pastoral Co, DeniliquinComments: Heifer bulls proved the hottest item again.