The opening pen of Shorthorn-Hereford steers sell for a record $1710 at the Benambra Calf Sale._7177

Agent Graeme Fullgrabe _7196

Agent Graeme Fullgrabe with Louis and Sharon Pendergast_7160

Sheryl Conlan, Binya, NSW_7329

Steer finisher Paul Pendergast, Benambra_7151

Sonia Buckley, Benambra_7191

Jim Pendergast and Herefords Australia’s Michael Beattie, Armidale. _7155

Isaac Bloomfield, Wagga, and Michael O’Brien, RMA Network, Bendigo_7128

Herefords Australia breed development manager Michael Beattie, agent Graeme Fullgrabe and vendors of the champion pen Sandra and Gus Crisp_7132

Gus and Sandra Crisp, Omeo_7143

Donald Betts, Bairnsdale_7122

Bids fly as the champion pen sells for $1480 to Scotts, Warragul._7187

Stormy Skies at Benambra Weaner Sale 2020_7325

Wagga commission buyer Andrew Lowe_7305

Anne and Richard Faithfull, Benambra_7248

Autumn drop steers sold to a top of $1660 to set a new record for Benambra_7293

Barry Newcomen, Newcomen Herefords, Ensay, caught up with Michael Beattie, Herefords Australia_7332

Benambra Weaner Sale 2020_7284

Benambra Weaner Sale 2020_7328

Brian and Mark Higgins, Glenmaggie_7320

Graeme Pendergast_7267

Bert Ahsam, Omeo_7380

Sophie, Indi, Tracey, Brendan and Bert Ahsam_7393

Simon and Sonya Lawlor, Omeo_7346

Simon and Sonya Lawlor accept the champion pen sash from judge Noel Olgivie, Airlie Feedlot, and Michael Beattie, Herefords Australia_7340

Elders Bairnsdale auctioneer Morgan Davies and his team_7369

Dan Connley, with children Jimmy and Lacey_7353

Russell Cornall, Benambra_7250

Marc Greening, Injemira Beef Genetics_7310

Jackie and Kelvin Pendergast accept the champion pen sash from Michael Beattie_7257