Alvio Trovatello, Tim Hayes, Michael Beattie and Andrew Green

Jamie Jones, Adelaide University, and Judith Pitchford

Jason Strong and Michael Crowley; MLA and Andrew Donoghue; Herefords Australia General Manager

Jason Strong; Managing Director MLA

Jenni O’Sullivan, Elders, Emily Rabone and Anna Holcomber, AuctionsPlus, and Jim Gunn, Sevenbardot Poll Herefords

John Craig and Bill Stonnill; Clipex

Ken Ikin; Cloverlee Poll Herefords and Christopher Steer

Lachy Strohfeldt; Bell Veterinary

Liz Summerville; ALPA and Emily Rabone; AuctionsPlus

Logan Sykes and Peter Kane

Logan Sykes, Sarah Day and Kate Reid

Mark Inglis; JBS

Michael Beattie, Herefords Australia Breed Development Manager, and Trish Worth, Herefords Australia Director

Michael Beattie

Michael Beattie; Herefords Australia, Tim Hayes; Tarcombe Herefords and Rob Powell; Practical Systems

Michael Crowley; MLA

Michelle and Grace Elsom, Tony Gough and Buster Luckock

Mick Peterson and Hannah Gilbertson

Owen McClure, Sam Bell and Stephen Baker

Peter Guthrie and Linton Price

Phil Holmes, Lachy Strohfeldt, Enoch Bergman and Andrew Donoghue

Phil Holmes

Posy Moody; General Manager NZ Hereford Association

Rob Banks, AGBU

Sarah Buttsworth; Neogen Australasia

Scott Lewington, Herefords Australia Director and Ross Milne; Elders

Stan Walker and Christopher Steer

Tim and Jemma Reid; JTR Cattle Company and Bill Lambert; Taronga Herefords

Wayne Pitchford; Adelaide University

Alastair Day; Allendale Poll Herefords, Mark Wilson; Kerlson Pines Poll Herefords, and Lachy Day; Days Whiteface

Ambrose Kenney; Herefords Australia and James McWilliam; Kanimbla Livestock

Andrew Bell; winner of the Coopers vaccine fridge

Andrew Donoghue, Bill Lack, Andrew and Annie Bell

Bill Cornell, Sarah Buttsworth, Michael Beattie, Jason Strong, Enoch Bergman and Fletch Kelly

Brandon Sykes, Ken Ikin and Annie Pumpa

David Jenkin; Banemore Herefords, John Pratt and Graeme Smith

David Johnston, AGBU



Enoch Bergman (2)

Enoch Bergman

Fiona Cole, Rod Davies, Lachy Day and Stephen Cole

Herefords Australia Chairman, Bill Kee addresses the audience

Herefords Australia General Manager, Andrew Donoghue

Jack Ward, Executive Vice President of the American Hereford Association, and Andrew Bell

Jack Ward; American Hereford Association

James McWilliam; Kanimbla Livestock, Fernando Alfonso; Hereford Uruguay Director and Geoff Birchnell; Herefords Australia Director

Young Guns 2019