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Herefords Australia Progeny Test Project

Bull Nominations

The Herefords Australia Progeny Test Project offers members of Herefords Australia with a unique opportunity to evaluate prospective elite Hereford bulls.

Benefits to members of Herefords Australia who nominate bulls for inclusion in the Progeny Test Project include:
• Widespread exposure through publicity generated by the progeny test project.
• Additional stud profile and promotional leverage from bulls that perform well, particularly for carcase traits.
• Opportunity to compare bull(s) with other high potential bulls in the breed and perhaps discover the Hereford breed’s next ‘super sire’.
• Data collected by the project will contribute to the EBVs of nominated bull(s) delivering high accuracy for difficult to measure traits at an earlier age.

The Herefords Australia Progeny Test Project Management Committee will call for bull nominations on an annual basis. The nomination of any bull, regardless of age and current BREEDPLAN performance profile, that has the potential to contribute to the progress of the breed is encouraged.

To nominate a bull for inclusion in the Herefords Australia Progeny Test Project:

1. The nominator must be a financial member of Herefords Australia.

2. Nominated bulls(s) must be registered in the Herefords Australia register and have current reportable BREEDPLAN EBVs for growth and carcase including EMA & IMF. No age restrictions apply.

3. All animals are to be free of known heritable genetic defects or diseases. Any health tests that may be required, including testing for genetic conditions, will be carried out at the expense of the bull owner. Bulls are required to be PI negative (BVD).

4. Upon acceptance of a nominated sire, 200 straws of morphology tested, custom collected semen is to be delivered to AgriGene AI Centre, Wangaratta, Victoria from where it will be distributed to co-operator herds.

5. Each straw is to be clearly identified with the bull’s name, collection centre (if applicable) and date of collection. On-property custom collection by a licenced AI technician is acceptable.

6. All male progeny test calves will be castrated, purchased by the project after weaning, finished on pasture or in feedlot and taken through to full MSA chiller assessment.

7. Female progeny test calves will be owned by the co-operator herd.

8. Semen not used in the progeny test will remain the property of Herefords Australia and may be used for research purposes only.

9. Acceptance of bulls for the progeny test is at the discretion of the Herefords Australia Progeny Test Project Management Committee.

There is no fee to nominate a bull but successful nominations will attract a participation fee of $2,000 + GST.

Further details on how to nominate a bull for inclusion in the Herefords Australia Progeny Test Project are available from Herefords Australia – Click Here.



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