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Feedlot Hereford Health

The health of feeder cattle in feedlots remains an ongoing issue for feedlots, backgrounders and breeders and is a priority area for Herefords Australia.  Poorly or inadequately prepared cattle for the feedlot result in significant financial losses for feedlots, increase the potential for animal welfare concerns and create a perception of poor performance for an individual vendor’s line of cattle. 

Ultimately any or all of these issues will reduce demand for your Hereford and Hereford cross cattle within the feedlot industry and this in turn will impact the financial performance of all of our Members.

Preparing feeder cattle for the feedlot is now easier and more effective than ever before.  Herefords Australia endorses the feedlot ready program MaxiStart®, a program that is well regarded within the feedlot industry.

It should be noted by suppliers of feeder cattle that by utilising a feedlot ready program recommended by Herefords Australia that you don’t have to sell your stock through the Pastoral House that provides this program. Feedlot ready programs are open to everybody, no matter how you market or intend to market your feeder cattle.

It is important for Members to check with their feedlot or their agent as to the appropriate preparation for their feeder cattle before entering the feedlot.  Not all feedlots pay a premium or rebate on feedlot ready programs and others may have different preparation protocols.

Information on the MaxiStart® Feedlot Ready Program is available below including a link to the website for the program.

Herefords Australia strongly recommends and advocates the careful preparation of your cattle for the feedlot.
MaxiStart® Feedlot Ready Program

Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) is the most common cause of sickness and death in Australian cattle feedlots, and it is certainly the most costly disease affecting the feedlot industry today. Cattle are at their greatest risk of contracting BRD within the first four weeks of arrival at feedlots.

For this reason correct vaccination prior to entering the feedlot is vital, significantly reducing the financial impact of BRD and ensuring the good health and on-going performance of feedlot cattle.

The MaxiStart® Feedlot Ready Program is a best practice, pre feedlot vaccination program designed to improve the health, welfare and performance of cattle in the feedlot environment. The Program is Aus-Meat accredited so producers can provide buyers auditable treatment records, proving correct animal vaccination protocols have been followed. Having Aus-Meat accreditation, gives the MaxiStart® Feedlot Ready Program industry credibility and recognition.

The MaxiStart® Feedlot Ready Program allows producers the opportunity to maximise returns on their cattle as a result of the demand and rewards that are present for pre-vaccinated cattle. The easy to use, two shot program enables the producer to develop a reputation as a preferential supplier of cattle that have increased levels of performance and fewer health challenges in the feedlot environment due to a higher level of immunity as a result of proper pre-vaccination.

To learn more about the requirements and benefits of The MaxiStart® Feedlot Ready Program contact your local Landmark Branch or log onto



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