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Hereford Shines As Community Demands Locally Produced Beef

Gippsland grass fed Hereford beef is winning a reputation among the community of Yarram keen to support their own local cattle enterprises.

Bill and Minnie Kee, Warringa Herefords, have supplied steers to Yarram butcher Nick Moore, who has been bowled over by customer demand.

Six steers were weaned early in October due to record low rainfall over the past year.

They were placed on feed on December 19 and processed at 12 months of age at a pre-curfew average liveweight of 446kg.

They dressed at 241kg with a pre curfew dressing percentage of 54 to return $1496 at 620c/kg HSCW.

Mr Moore was impressed with the carcase quality, dressed weight, meat and fat colour, fat cover and colour.

He placed a notice in his display cabinet, “Our beef this week supplied locally by Warringa Herefords, Yarram’’.

Mr Moore described customer response as “amazing’’, with people interested to know the meat was produced locally and keen to support local business.

“When Nick sold the first four carcases, customers wanted more and when he advised there would be more in another couple of weeks, they placed orders to ensure they didn’t miss out,’’ Mrs Kee said.

“We live in a small local community and whilst Nick’s butcher shop is located at the entrance to a major supermarket, he enjoys tremendous support from the local community.

“Locals supporting locals can make a huge difference to the success of small businesses and in the meantime provide an enjoyable experience for the members of our small communities.’’

Mrs Kee said the value adding exercise had enabled the stud to progeny test their sires.

The couple run a small registered herd of 35 cows on their 36ha property.

The two best performing steers were heifers first calves sired by Canadian bull BBSF 101N Wrangler.

The two steers averaged 453kg live, an average carcase weight of 252kg and a dressing percentage of 55 to return $1565 each.

Yarram butcher Nick Moore was blown away by demand for locally bred Hereford



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