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Yet Another Record Set Of $1160 at 75th Anniversary Calf Sale at Omeo

Buyers were met with one of the best line-ups of Hereford weaner calves in the nation for the 75th anniversary Omeo Weaner Calf Sale on Wednesday, with steers hitting $1160.

Selling agents Elders yarded 2400 Hereford and Hereford/Shorthorn cross yearling and weaner steers and heifers for the historic sale.

The fixture finalised two days of selling where a total of 9487 cattle were offered at Benambra, Ensay and Omeo, and finished with a new record top price of $1160.

Albury commission buyer Graeme Ward selected a pen of 10-month-old steers offered by Peter Faithfull, Omeo, as the best presented Hereford pen of the Omeo sale.

The 22 steers were a mix of Mawarra, Rose View, Newcomen, Glendan Park and Sugarloaf Creek genetics, and were estimated to have a curfewed weight of 435-440kg.

They topped the sale at $1160 to return an estimated 263c/kg.

“They ticked all the boxes in terms of the Hereford breeding requirements for the industry,’’ Mr Ward said.

Many industry stalwarts judged the Faithfull’s sale opening pen as one of the best they had ever seen at the Omeo sale.

The 13-month-old steers were EU accredited, had a curfewed weight of 461kg and brought $1155 or 250c/kg.

A large crowd of backgrounders, processors, lotfeeders, steer finishers and restockers attended from Bairnsdale, Warragul, Pakenham, Gelantipy, Alexandra, Myrtleford, Holbrook, Wagga Wagga, Albury-Wodonga and South Australia.

Hereford steers topped at $1160 and sold down to $600 while the European Union accredited pens returned $740-$1100.

Hereford/Shorthorn cross steers sold for $695-$1055.

In the heifer pens, Herefords returned $550-$890 and the Hereford/Shorthorn cross females $675-$870.

Elders Bairnsdale livestock manager Morgan Davies confirmed the new record top price and said the weaners were 30-40kg heavier than the Ensay sale that morning.

“There was plenty of feeder competition over the sale with EU cattle making 10-20c/kg more,’’ Mr Davies said.

“Buying support came from Thomas Foods International with 1400 cattle over the two days, Olgivie’s of South Australia bought 1050, Teys Australia bought 480, and the balance went to local restockers from the Myrtleford valley and South Gippsland.

“All the Hereford cattle made as much as or more than the black cattle on a cents per kilogram – repeat buyers come back year after year to buy these quality calves.’’

The Sandy family have been vendors at the Omeo weaner sale for about 60 years.

Peter and Robyn Sandy, Swifts Creek, offered 196 steers and 96 heifers – a mix of Hereford and Hereford/Shorthorn cross of Mawarra, Dunoon and Nuniong blood.

Their top pen had a curfewed weight of 400kg to give an estimated return of 257c/kg.

“Our steers sold for $620 to $1030 and the heifers $565-$740,’’ Mr Sandy said.

The market was certainly excellent and where it should be – it has given us faith in the whole job.’’

Vendor Bert Ah San has country overlooking the Omeo saleyards and has sold at the weaner sale for 50 years.

His steers topped at $1100 and averaged $935 while the tops of his heifers made $790.

“It is one of the best sales I’ve seen – that first pen of Peter Faithfull’s was just magnificent,’’ Mr Ah San said.

Top quotes


P Faithfull: 22, $1160; 21, EU accred, $1155.

A & B Ah San: 19, EU accred, $1100; 29 Hereford/Shorthorn, $950.

Batty & Valentin: 30, Hereford/Shorthorn, $1055; 26, Herefords, $990.

J E Flannagan: 19, $1040; 17, $900.

J & P Sandy Partnership: 16, $1030, 12, $930.

J & G Crisp: 36, $1020; 16, $1000

P & R Foster: 18, $1020

W C Flannagan: 19, EU accred, $1000.

C & Y Connley: 17, $980

B & B Flannagan: 26, $970.



P & C Faithfull: 18, $890

J & G Crisp: 18 Hereford/Shorthorn, $870; 17 Herefords, $755

A & B Ah Sam: 16, EU accred, Hereford/Shorthorn, $790.

J & P Sandy: 20 Hereford/Shorthorn, $740, 15 Herefords, $690.

P & C Faithfull: 34, EU accred, $670

Batty & Valentin: 23, $600



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